HP Deskjet 5145 Color inkjet Printer - paper trays

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paper trays

The printer has two paper trays: an In tray and an Out tray.

1. out tray 2. in tray

in tray

The In tray holds paper or other media to be printed.

Slide the paper guides


against the edges of the media on which you are


1. in tray 2. paper width guide 3. paper length guide

out tray

Printer pages are deposited in the Out tray.

Raise the Out tray to load most paper sizes. Remove the Out tray to load small media.

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Replace the Out tray before printing.

To prevent paper from falling out of the Out tray, pull out the Out tray extension.

1. out tray extension

When printing in FastDraft mode, pull out the Out tray extension, then unfold the Out
tray extension stop.

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1. out tray extension 2. out tray extension stop

Do not unfold the Out tray extension stop when printing on legal

After the print job finishes, fold the Out tray extension stop, then push the Out tray
extension into the Out tray.