HP Deskjet 5145 Color inkjet Printer - printer is not printing

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printer is not printing

verify the following

Printer is connected to the power source.

Cable connections are secure.

Printer is turned on.

Print cartridges are

correctly installed


Paper or other media is correctly loaded in the In tray.

Printer's top cover is closed.

Rear Access Door or optional duplexer is attached.

check the printer lights

The printer lights indicate printer status and alert you to potential problems.

For more information, see

printer lights are on or flashing


check the printer cable connection

If the printer cable is attached to a USB hub, there may be a printing conflict. There
are two methods for solving the conflict:

Attach the printer's USB cable directly to your computer, or

When printing, do not use other USB devices that are attached to the hub.

if the printer does not turn on

The printer may have drawn too much power.

1. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.

2. Wait approximately 10 seconds.

3. Reconnect the power cord.

4. Press the


button to turn on the printer.

If the printer still does not turn on, try the following:

Plug the printer into another electrical outlet, or

Plug the printer directly into an electrical outlet rather than into a surge

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if the printer still does not print

Select the topic below that best describes the problem:

paper jam

out of paper message